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Come on you Irons!

West Ham Matters is a dedicated club site to all things West Ham United, however we aim to be different from all the others that exist on the internet as we continue to be proud in being different.

How do we aim to be different to everyone else, we hear you say? Well, we are glad you asked as this will give us a chance to show off and show exactly why!

West Ham Matters focuses on the bits that everyone else deems non-essential or just simply not worth their time – or the fact that they simply do not have the knowledge or understanding to do so – the tactical intricacies of the game!

Match analysis articles are where we break down all the battles that you could expect to see our mighty Hammers have to deal with when looking at a pre-match report of an upcoming fixture.

Additionally, we will then look to rip apart a match bit by bit and examine the key moments in a game from a tactical point of view and give you an educated and detailed run down as to what happened and explain why it did using the data available and imagery to further highlight the point.

Matches are not the only thing West Ham Matters scrutinizes, though, as we produce some heavily data-driven statistical analysis about the players we have available to us at the London Stadium and work out what they offer David Moyes’ side whilst also studying the rumoured transfer links regarding a particular individual and producing a detailed report as to whether they would be a good fit for the claret and blue!

Of course, we look to complement our site with the addition of columns surrounding opinion and news, but we ensure that we give you more detail than most and give you the answers you seek behind those views that get shared.

West Ham Matters exists to help educate you and open up the tactical analysis side of the game to you, the fan, and looks to give you a new way of watching the sport we are all passionate about.

If you feel you can contribute to the cause, then why not get involved and apply to write for us?

If you want to contact us or advertise with us – get in touch!

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