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How to Bet on the Matches of West Ham

Betting on the games of West Ham is easy if you grasp some basic concepts about the betting markets. Essentially, betting odds are a product that works as a multiplier which determines how much you can win by betting on different selections such as what team will win the game.

If the odds are big, like 10 or 20 to 1, it means that the market considers this event somewhat unlikely to happen.

Low odds such as 1.01 in the decimal system indicate that the market considers almost certain that a specific team will win.

But how are these odds calculated by the betting markets, including the punters and the gambling houses, that is the online bookies?

Well, several factors are taken into account. Bigger teams have more structure at their disposal, such as all the expertise to provide to their players with the best diet and a clear path to develop their physique. They know how to build lean muscle, making their footballers fast and keen for the big games.

All sides of the English Premier League have this kind of expertise, so this becomes a more relevant factor when West Ham for example faces clubs like English League Two sides that they may face in The FA Cup.

Anyways, injury news is quite relevant to make sure that you have a clear scenario to decide whether to bet on a specific event or not.

Let’s analyse other betting markets.

Outrights Betting Markets

This betting market has odds for long-term events like what teams will be relegated, and what teams will reach the next UEFA Champions League or win the EPL and the domestic and international cups.

West Ham, for example, ranks between the 7th and 8th most likely team to end up relegated as of the end of the season, depending on the bookie, as they have odds of 4.5 for that sad potential event, very similar to the ones of Leicester City.

Other Betting Markets

There are several other betting markets, such as what will be the EPL top scorer, how many goals will be scored in a single West Ham game, and if a specific round of the EPL will have more winning teams that are hosts or visitors.

There are literally millions of betting odds available every weekend if we consider all leagues, games, divisions and secondary markets out there in all countries.

It’s relatively easy to bet on distant events these days. Bookmakers operate in a way that they know what they are doing in terms of risk management, and that’s why you can bet on lower leagues of very small and distant countries, although obtaining keen information to bet on these events is another story.


You can bet on the 1×2 result or Asian Handicap result of all West Ham games, including most friendlies, as well as what will be their performance in the long-term outright markets. 

You can also bet on transfer window signings and many other amusing betting markets.